Conversation Starters

  • “I’ve been worried about your health Mom, because lately…”

  • “I’ve noticed that you aren’t going out as much as you used to…”

  • “How would you feel if we could get you some additional assistance and support?”

  • “Have you ever thought about moving to a community designed to help seniors live their best lives?”

  • “How much do you know about senior living?”

  • “I love you and want the best for you. We can talk more about this later. Let’s go to dinner.”

  • “What have you thought about living in a senior community that you may find helpful or fun?”

  • “What have you talked about with your friends regarding living in a senior community?”

man and woman walking on road during daytime
man and woman walking on road during daytime


  • “How have you been feeling about senior living since we last spoke about it?”

  • “What do you think about asking Dr. ________to give you his/her opinion? I know you trust him/her, and so do I.”

  • “I got some more information about some communities. They have a lot of things I think you’d enjoy.”

  • “Would you like to visit a couple of these communities to see what they are all about?