Welcome to Maric Consulting

I am glad you are here!

I started this company with the hope it will provide you with valuable information about the world of senior care and living.

We are here to work with communities to provide sales department help, evaluate the employees within the department, provide training, implement or streamline systems, and change the mindset of the employee in order to bring them into Super Stardom!

We provide personality assessments and evaluations of each sales manager and sales staff member to determine propensity for
1) passion for the business
2) skillset for selling, including call reluctance and avoidance
3) aptitude for the job
Evaluate and implement new proven sales strategies and focus.

We guide employees, help them find their why and re-train or train them with Assisted Living selling skills. This will increase the level of the employee as it relates to sales of assisted living communities and families, which will in turn increase the number of move ins to the community, thereby bringing the community’s profits up.

Your partner in Senior Care and Living, Marina (Mari)